Z9 Security Certifies Mavin Technologies as z9/op=n for Azure Access Controllers

September 19, 2023
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Mavin adds support for Azure Access' diverse hardware platform through a single integration using the z9/op=n unified technology platform…

September 19, 2023 - Z9 Security, creator of the access control industry's first and only true hardware and software interoperability ecosystem, is proud to announce that Mavin Technologies, a leading access control software platform provider, is now z9/op=n certified for its hardware support of Azure Access controllers. Mavin added support for Azure Access by integrating the z9/op=n unified technology platform into their management software. The z9/op=n integration not only offers Mavin VARs and customers a wider range of access control hardware options, but also provides ongoing and significant cost and time savings for the company.

Z9 Security's z9/op=n ecosystem is renowned for its interoperability and simplified integration of new hardware, allowing companies like Mavin to seamlessly incorporate a wide variety of access control hardware into their platforms. By joining the z9/op=n ecosystem, Mavin gains access to a growing community of partners, enabling them to diversify their hardware offerings through a single integration.

Mavin successfully integrated Azure Access hardware into their access control software platform using the Z9 Open SDK (software development kit). Undergoing a rigorous certification process, Mavin showcased the seamless integration of the hardware with their platform, highlighting advanced access control features, such as tamper detection and alarm processing.

Ken Larson, President of Z9 Security, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome Mavin Technologies to the z9/op=n ecosystem. The integration of the Azure Access is a result of Mavin's dedication to enhancing the customer experience by expanding its support for multiple hardware platforms."

By leveraging the elegance and simplicity of the Z9 Open SDK, Mavin concluded that its ongoing time to market and lifecycle investments will achieve the highest ROI and remain optimized. The Azure Access hardware platform along with Z9 Open SDK integration is already deployed in the field with Mavin software.

"We are delighted to be part of the z9/op=n ecosystem and see this partnership as a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering innovative and open access control solutions," said John Seibold Sr., CEO, Mavin. "By integrating and offering Azure Access hardware (utilizing z9/op=n) with Mavin software, customers gain more choices and they can benefit from a modern, robust and cost-effective solution."

“The Azure Access hardware platform is a fantastic addition to the z9/op=n ecosystem,” said Evan Zinger, Director of Product Development at Azure Access Technology. “Our hardware platform gives companies like Mavin a high-performance, enterprise option for their security offerings. The Azure Access hardware topology and board footprints have familiarity to competing legacy systems, giving integrators and installers an easy transition to a more forward-looking and future-proof solution.”

As the z9/op=n ecosystem grows, so do the benefits for all its participants, fostering a dynamic and thriving access control community. The ecosystem currently enables hundreds of hardware and software interoperability combinations and is growing rapidly. For more information on the z9/op=n access control ecosystem, or to become a z9/op=n partner, contact Z9 Security at www.z9security.com.

About Z9 Security

Z9 Security is the creator of the access control industry's first and only true hardware and software interoperability ecosystem. The ecosystem features the Z9/FL=X cloud-based service and z9/op=n unified technology platforms, seamlessly integrating a wide range of both open and proprietary access control hardware and software, redefining interoperability, and drastically reducing time and cost to introduce new integrations. The Z9 Security ecosystem currently enables hundreds of hardware and software interoperability combinations, and is growing fast. The Z9 Security team is made up of industry veterans with decades of expertise in access control, who have been behind the success of some of the biggest names in the industry. For more information, visit www.z9security.com. | LinkedIn

About Mavin Technologies

Mavin Technologies is a Physical Access Control (PACS) Software company. Founded in 1994 as a unit of LITTON Scientific, MAVIN Solutions are designed for SMB and enterprise applications. Now in its fourth generation and countless release versions, and with no customer left behind, MAVIN delivers smart, user-friendly, secure access control solutions that achieve high reliability and optimum performance.  Visit https://www.go-mavin.com/

About Azure Access Technology

Azure Access Technology™ is the next-generation alternative in open access-control hardware. Built on 30+ years of industry experience, we deliver the most future-proof, reliable, and easy-to-use hardware platform in the industry. Our company focuses not just on products, but also superior support of our customers; from the start of the integration stage, all the way through deployment to end-users. All our products are designed and manufactured in the USA. Learn more by visiting https://azure-access.com/.

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