Access Control Interoperability, Redefined.
Z9 Security has created the access control industry's first and only true hardware and software interoperability ecosystem.
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Flexible, and Open.

Z9 Security's interoperability platform is the physical security industry's most flexible and open architecture for access control, encompassing:

Cloud Services
Mobile & Web Applications
Embedded Software
On-Premise Services

Technology Platform

Z9 Security's technology platform is behind the scenes, powering and bringing together some of the best products in the access control industry. Z9 Security's unified architecture integrates with a wide array of access control hardware and software, redefining interoperability, as well as drastically reducing cost and time to market.

Z9/FL=X makes this platform available as a flexible, powerful, ready-to-deploy cloud service, integrated with your software with a single, elegant, cloud-to-cloud JSON/REST API. Z9/FL=X enables a wide range of access control hardware and software from multiple vendors to speak the same language, creating the industry's first true open-architecture ecosystem.

z9/op=n creates an open architecture standard for wired access control panels, bringing them seamlessly into the Z9/FL=X ecosystem.

Z9 Security's technology is deployed in SMB, enterprise, and everything in between. Z9 Security's proven track record of successful products deployed at Fortune 500 and high-security government facilities, ensures reliability, trust, and security.

Z9 Security Technology

  1. Secure
  2. Scalable
  3. Enterprise-ready
  4. SMB-ready

Physical Security Industry Segments

Access Control
Video Surveillance
Intrusion Detection
Logical Access and Identity Management

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