Spintly Joins Z9/FL=X Ecosystem to Add Support for ZKTeco USA Atlas Series Controllers

April 9, 2024
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Seamless integration was possible through the use of Z9 Security’s flagship interoperability platform...

April 04th, 2024 - Z9 Security and Spintly havejoined forces to integrate ZKTeco USA Atlas Series access control panels intoSpintly's cloud-based management software platform. This collaborationsignifies a strategic alignment between the global leader in access controlinteroperability solutions, and Spintly, known for its advanced access controlhardware and software solutions. Leveraging Z9 Security's Z9/FL=X platform,Spintly software now supports a wider range of access control hardware optionsfor its customers.

Spintly pioneers the world-first BLE Mesh Access Controlsolution in the realm of smart infrastructure, offering fully wireless accesscontrol hardware paired with a cloud-based software platform. Spintly bringssimplicity and scalability to its users. Catering to a large range of industrysegments, the innovative offerings include a range of software solutions liketime and attendance systems, wireless access control for businesses of allsizes, intercom solutions, and contactless visitor management. Spintly'sversatile readers, support a multitude of credentials, including NFC cards,fingerprints, and smartphones.

By combining their expertise, Z9 Security and Spintly aim todeliver a seamless and comprehensive access control solution that prioritizesboth convenience and security. Spintly's reputation for innovative securitysystems complements ZKTeco USA's Atlas Series controllers, which are already z9/op=ncertified.

"Spintly's dedication to user-friendly, securesolutions is evident in this partnership, as we aim to enhance the market withinnovative offerings, " said Rohin Parkar, Co-Founder & CEO ofSpintly. "This collaboration will result in more powerful securitysolutions tailored to evolving customer needs. This integration in particular provides customers with a compellingsolution that encompasses both wireless and wired access with the same credentials,which is critical for most modern deployments."

Z9/FL=X is the industry’s most flexible, powerful,cloud-enabled access control service, supporting a wide variety of open andproprietary hardware. The Atlas Series hardware with the Spintly managementplatform was made possible through the elegant Z9/FL=X unified datamodel and Application Programming Interface (API). By using Z9/FL=X,Spintly vastly lowered their development costs and accelerated thetime-to-market to fully support the Atlas Series integration.  With this integration, Spintly is now amember company of the Z9 Security ecosystem, which offers benefits such asbeing able to easily support additional best-of-breed access control hardwareplatforms.

Ken Larson, President of Z9 Security, expressed excitementabout expanding Spintly's hardware options through this collaboration."The power of open architecture continues to grow as we enable scalableand powerful security solutions like Spintly," said Larson. "Thispartnership exemplifies the benefits of seamlessly and swiftly integrating intoa thriving and expanding interoperability ecosystem."

About Spintly:

Spintly is a technology company specializing in smart accesscontrol solutions for smart buildings. Their systems utilize innovativetechnology, including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and cloud-based platforms, toprovide secure, scalable, and convenient access management for commercial andresidential properties. Spintly's solutions often involve smartphone-basedaccess control, enabling users to unlock doors and manage access permissionsremotely through dedicated mobile applications. Furthermore, the Spintlywireless solution makes for a hassle free and cost-effective installation.Saving time on labor and material costs. For more information, visit https://spintly.com/us/.

About Z9 Security:

Z9 Security is the creator of the access control industry'sfirst and only true hardware and software interoperability ecosystem. Thisecosystem features the Z9/FL=X cloud-based service, and z9/op=n technologyplatform for hardware, seamlessly integrating a wide range of both open andproprietary access control hardware and software, redefining interoperability,and drastically reducing time and cost to introduce new integrations. The Z9Security ecosystem currently enables hundreds of hardware and softwareinteroperability combinations, and is growing fast. The Z9 Security team ismade up of industry veterans with decades of expertise in access control, whohave been behind the success of some of the biggest names in the industry. For more information,visit www.z9security.com | LinkedIn

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