Ken Larson, President of Z9 Security, to Speak at the ACS23 Summit

August 21, 2023

Ken will be speaking on Thursday September 28 at 1:10pm at the AIA/DC building in Washington DC.

Z9 Security is pleased to speak at the upcoming ACS23 (Access Control Summit) in Washington, DC on September 28. Ken Larson, President of Z9Security, will be speaking on Thursday at 1:10pm at the AIA/DC about the trends and transformations occurring in the access control and physical security industry, including AI, blockchain, self-sovereign identity, geolocation, advanced cryptography, and how our standards of openness and interoperability need to change to enable and accelerate these technologies and innovations. 

About ACS23: Transform

ACS brings together the people and companies redefining the access control and smart lock industry. ACS gives executives and leaders in the Access Control and Smart Lock industry an unparalleled opportunity to networking with peers. Overall, the benefit of attending ACS is immense, not only for the executives in attendance but also for the industry as a whole, as it can drive growth, improve company and industry posture, and create a more dynamic and vibrant marketplace. ACS will record, edit, and distribute the content online and through invited press and media. The AccessControl and Smart Lock industry has no voice on pressing issues, trends, and initiatives. ACS will change that. For more information:

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